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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

There's a Latin tag to start your day, but it is so true, so appropriate.

Thank goodness the Olympics are over, but the Beeb can now plaster football and cricket across its channels. There are a few art programmes on Four, but all in all I identify with the teens and twenty-somethings who don't watch TV at all. It's all Netflix and YouTube. I should do some more vids. Started with TikTok, but it's basically pants, the home of vacuity.

Dreamed about my mother and my beloved recently, but not in the same sleep. I think about canonical Surrealism and feel that it is too logical, too left-brain-based. I understand the movement's attempts at automatic techniques, but I went to a museum with the Art of the Mad, and even there internal coherence seemed to subsume aberration and abnormality., if you see what I mean? Yet, I come back to the jumps and the combinations the subconscious mind is capable of offering at night, although some have told me such dull dreams that I worry my processor has been permanently damaged at some stage in my life!

Even so, filming or painting a sequence would be too personal and too random to appeal or offer much to viewers other than myself. We are back to that notion that every man is an island, one surrounded by a sea uncrossable.

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