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Quiet Day

I need a wind-down. Not entirely sure why, just do. The in-tray never seems to empty.

If I had the possibility of rerunning my life I'd change almost everything, but of course I would then not be me. Sleep is still a struggle, and I lie awake doing the 'what ifs.' I have a lunch to look forward to at The Snooty Tavern, but it seems ages away.

Next hurdle will be the vaccination at school. The kids are either pragmatic or neurotic, though in general I see the dissemination of misinformation every hour. We explain that they should not believe everything on the net at face value, but they have insufficient life-experience to analyse and prise out the truth, as opposed to the half-truth, let alone the lies.

After all, not even the science department are qualified virologists. Many are chemistry or physics specialists. We do not teach A level and so the degree of certitude each of them has is fairly variable. I may watch clips on YouTube about quantum mechanics, but to say I fully comprehend the subject is stretching the point to the event horizon, to switch metaphors in mid-stream!

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