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Porridge for breakfast

And now the PC is so slow, I can go to the shop between clicks. Very frustrating.

In 33 days od doing it, I have arrived at the imperfect subjunctive on Duolingo. I also listened to a zoom meeting about essentail oils online. My brain hurt by the end of it. But the best thing yesterday was teaching Yr 7s Science. They were doing space, but I kept telling them about aardvarks. Very disorientating for the little bunnies. Just rung to add an extra lesson: History to horrible Yr8s.

This might be a short post again as I have to get up properly and iron a shirt, etc. Had breakfast and iced caramel latte already though.

The only carp this morning is out determination to repel immigrant boats before they reach Dover. Just waiting for the disaster that that will be. Perhaps they could put National Insurance up again... oh, wait, that would be twice in two days!

Hope all my lovely readers have a great day!

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