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Politicians hot air to heat homes!

That'd be a nice headline, instead of the bilge that debouches from their maws.

I'd really like to launch a National 'Liar, liar, pants on fire' Prize Trouble is there'd be so many exceptional candidates that several would have to be awarded per year, or the trophy would have to be cut up into a jigsaw, a token recognition for services to mendacity.

So hoping we are not in for another swath of grey days. They add to the oppressive feel of the whole dang world. When people complain that the Beeb fail to be balanced and unbiased they have to do that in the face of the utter rubbish that pours out of Westminster. Gas prices up, food therefore unavailable on shelves, schoolkids to be 'offered' vaccination. No determination, no enactment of obvious solutions. Great Britain.

The anniversary of my mother's passing has arrived. That darkens the sky. We will have a memorial get-together at The Snooty Tavern shortly. The menu looks great. Nice to try somewhere new. And our relationship with France will endure... I have just been told. Makes me happy inside!

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