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I can't help bute feel, most of the time, that it is all meaningless and useless.

Three Fates. I like the accidental; I like the gestural; I like the spontaneous (or the false claim that the work is made in such a fashion). The blind spinners get on with their weave and snipping, and we never know when...

There is a danger, I guess, that the asterisk and the concentric evoke the orifice, without specificity. Scylla and Charybdis serve similar tropes; ingested, egested, it's all the same. And I have to be glad spell-check hasn't underlined right and left.

I am playing that game at the moment of trying not to coincide in any part of the house with my sharer. I will look back on it with amusement, but the end of this imprisoning regime appears farther away than ever.

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