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Patti Smith?

I was thinking of quoting a line from her version of 'My Generation,' but it's just too rude!

Hardly any sleep - stress and heat - followed by 7:11 call to go to school. I hope I won't be too grumpy with the kids? Sniffy too, but negative lateral flow test last night. Two pages to go in current sketchbook, then editing and posting probably tomorrow.. That means I will have to think up a new project. There is another pad with flimsy black paper. We will see.

I also want to do some more 1000 word stories to try to get a certain book published, even in vanity form. Will have to speak to Ben at work to see how it's done. This is going to be a very short post today, safe in the knowledge that no-one reads them anyway. I could carp about the rise in NI against the election promise, but it is like shouting in a howling gale...

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