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One of those day?

Broke the glass in my cafetiere this morning. Great start!

Nile Perch. ballpoint over watercolour on A4 paper. While this is a more or less realistic rendition, I look at the shapes in terms of biomorphic abstraction.

Having had a disaster in the kitchen this morning, I was so surprised that I did not have a meltdown. Very unusual. Normally, I'd be screaming at the world like a banshee. But I will rant at my friend Andrew today on the way to do the weekly food shop. Is this the unbalancing of old age? Or a simple shift in sensible outlook? Who can say!

More flaming sport on the BBC! They say all things will be tailored to the individual on technological feed: so no more of this LCM bilge, please. Mind you, algorithms are notoriously hopeless: Facebook sent me ads for 'Russian Brides Waiting for You' once upon a time. They have woken up and smelled that particular spilled coffee.

I took a look at some 'cute' TikToks yesterday. Long live the cult of the hypermesomorph! But the lifting of the T-shirt to reveal a lascivious six-pack, the semi-twerk and the awful lip-syncing does nothing to assert masculinity, not even that of the metrosexual and 'The New Man.' They look like rentboys. I know it is supposed to be amusing, but our young are already super-confused. Non-binary or gender-fluidity is yet another construct, but it is one that will necessarily not hold. I am not being a curmudgeon here, but there is no real basis in so much that we do: all opinions are valid, all stances universally applicable... And if you disagree you are an aged bigot. Everything is in flux. I was watching some Pathe News clips on YouTube from the 1910s. Young boys went swimming naked. Now that would be viewed as obscene rather than a paradigm of unsullied innocence.

The world is messed up and this pandemic adds to the little earthquakes that assail us every single day. I see suicide statistics and wonder why there are not many more finding that the only way out! Sorry to be so bleak, but maybe the Zoology Museum shows me the impending collapse of all ecosystems...

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