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Oh, let this be a better week1

Off to Ely to shop. I need the trip out. May dine indoors at the Market Kitchen.

Playing Cards. Flat colour and horsing around. A yin-and-yang, a perpetuum mobile. Should be thinking about CDS, but may have to wait until later in the week.

I think i will search for a couple of second-hand books and some oil paint. I need the weather to warm a little if I am to place the pictures in the garage, or they will take longer to dry than in the house. Indoors the medium stinks the place out. It's that studio issue again.

The plan for Bacchus is to add three one metre canvases in a line and suspend empty bottles of liquor from the lower edge. When probate comes through I may hire St Peter's in town to show two or three big pieces. Transport, framing and publicity will put the cost up, but it might work as a plan. I watched a YouTube vid about the physical non-existent possibility of free will, but the presenter said not to worry about it. A bit of a rabbit-hole that one.

Slightly tempted to go to he Antiques Centre, but that would definitely mean spending even more. The worries of a mind without free will!

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