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Off to Little Barford...

Where my mother's ashes are interred. First visit to the tranquil spot.

My favourite aunt's and my brother-in-law's ashes are buried alongside. It's a beautiful small Norman church with very few services per year as the population of the village is much reduced. Then lunch in Waresley.

BBC blathering on and on about sport, in all its splendid aspects. Only item I have liked this morning is about Sir Kevin Collins' resignation. I love to see actual integrity, a rarity that makes hen's teeth look like ammonites on the Whitby shore. CAYAC helps fill the ever-opening void in Arts Education, but that is just one tiny addition to a scheme that should be more countrywide and supported by systems and governance. Just sayin.'

A bit dull today, but hope to get a bit of sunbathing in. I was passed an ad for an Art Technician at a local private school, but they want a 12-hor-day, which would be 14 once you add the bus journeys at either end. Just can't face it. No idea how much work there'll be in September, but I have to get more competitions applied for; CDS next.

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