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Off to Ely

Up too early, but want to get the FH Series finished today. I slow down as I get nearer the end.

Cramp dragged me straight from deep sleep to wide awake. Horrible pain. 5.30, so no way I was going to go back to sleep. Not the start that i needed. School seems far longer than 5 weeks away. I usually don't get work immediately term starts anyway.

It's be nice to go to Houghton Hall to see the Cragg show, but London has some interesting exhibitions on, just not sure I want the hassle of public transport in these Covid time. I see very little evidence of Freedom Day's working well. Housemate has started a new routine of going in an hour earlier than she used to. I have to adjust, either earlier or later, so we don't clash in the kitchen.

Perhaps I am pregnant? All I seem to want to ingest is iced caramel latte and salted caramel ice cream. I shall put it down to the sticky weather, but could be another sign that the Black Dog is prowling around. I get twitches before he pounces, but have not learned how to delay his onslaught.

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