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Not to be political...

But an interesting result in the by-election. Westminster disconnection only perhaps?

Sold this. I had more or less given up on Saatchi, because of it's shift to 'hotel art,' but six months since the last purchase came this. Wax and very wet watercolour on paper. Also finished the CDS entry. And... managed to sleep through till 6.30. Almost unheard of.

I am never sure about which pics are likely to be bought. I even put some 'gay' ones on Saatchi to thumb my nose at the world, and then they were sold. Still surprises me, but then I am so far from being an entrepreneur that I will never learn the tricks of commercialism.

I have reached that age when I pick up a book and start to read and then recall that I might have read it already. That's why I need to HAVE a copy rather than borrow one. Gobbling up Peter James and Peter Robinson as well as Cathy Reichs. Or should just make a list; then researchers next century can track titles and 'illustrations' derived from detective novels. It's a good Magrittean or Beckettian move there!

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