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Not feeling it this morning

Not quite a case of getting out the wrong side, but just not fancying school.

The Labour Conference is just coming up on the News. I have absolutely no interest. They are as bad as the Tories. I think many feel the same, but there seems to be no viable alternative. PR is done down as it damages both the two main parties. All and everything revolves around self-interest. Shame.

Fourth week back at work and the needed change appears to be just as lethargic. An opportunity is often missed when a new regime takes over. Because people dither and reposition. Consensus might offer a solution, but it just takes so long to implement anything nowadays.

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance. It is usually my favourite season, but not when it signifies greyness. It thus bodies forth the internal malaise. My housemate is contemplating a return to London. Another strand to he rising stress. If I had my inheritance, the drop in rent coverage would be less of a strain, but until that occurs the necessity of getting someone in as quickly as possible has resulted in some not so good cotenants. All part of life's rich tapestry, they tell me. But that seems pretty glib and unlikely to me.

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