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No school today.

It's so unpredictable, but that's my choice. If I drove perhaps I'd supply elsewhere?

Another dull-looking day out there. I must get the living-room tidier, if not actually perfect. When I get lunch at work stuff goes to waste in the fridge, so I cut down on shopping. Only to find I now wish there aws more choice. There is a tin of meatballs someone gave me, but I fear they might be rather disgusting. I'll see how I feel at lunchtime. At least there are a number of muffins left from the last trip and last bake.

I am hankering after buying 100 smallish canvases from Hobbycraft to make multiple abstract; the idea being that they could be rearranged at will - a vast number of combinations, but not really practical.

Wix just flashed up the 'Couldn't Save Post' so will stop typing...

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