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No regrets

Well, that's just not possible, but most are rather vapid.

Anima, oil pastel and ink on pastel papas starters for something else. I cannot remember which images I have and which I have not used, so will have to make one of my infamous, 2000. A page from a 20 year old sketchbook. These will not be sold, but may serve as source for something else. Saatchi client paid up, so I have bought a lapped ammonite. I should be spending on the sales development, but not feeling it. I have been offered work, but feel unsafe and thus disinclined to go in, but at the same time I'm missing the human contact. The pro and con of life never seem to resolve. I saw a nice Picasso drawing with an estimate of 20-30,000. Good job that's not in my bank account or I'd be sorely tempted. But I'd probably have to keep it in a bank vault. The world is totally upside-down.

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