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Next door has been sold

Reminds me of the flux of everything in the universe. Obscurely!

Three More Fates. I started using enamel simply because I wanted a paint dense enough to hold its strength on top of another without requiring multiple layers. Partly because of lack of patience, but also because ideas count as much if not more than execution.

I have a slice of Christmas cake in front of me on the desk, ready in case the kitchen is blocked off later on. Crisps too. The stew made 6 meals. I feel like a domestic goddess sometimes, though not often as I have no significant other.

This now takes the total to 63 posts; I almost feel inclined to believe in numerology as much if not more than in astrology. It is called the frequency illusion when things keep cropping up coincidentally. It's also called the Bader-Meinhof Phenomenon!

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