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Net zero nonsense

We don't want or need fudging; We need there to be no grains of sand added to the metaphorical pile. A single ton of carbon added to the atmosphere is a ton too many. Governments wake up!

Emma Rducanu? I hate sport, but she does seem so grounded... and she is a chocoholic. Well, she has my vote. Need to make a banoffee pie today, and cut the grass, but not both at the same time. And work already booked for tomorrow.

Hope I haven't woken up the housemate? I try to move around quietly, but she sleeps for England. At least I can do my own timetable. Just don't want the mower to disturb the adolescent next door - he sleeps as if it were an Olympic event. Would that I could copy either of them.

I had an account glitch yesterday, with the lovely NatWest announcing an unexpected dip, but that has been resolved. I had to have trousers and shoes for work. Couldn't be avoided. I am feeling my age alreay: shortness of breath, the need to be careful with what I eat, and a grumpiness about the lack of fame and fortune. This latter will have been clear to everyone long before that admission...

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