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Nap this afternoon

I'll need it Yesterday went well: I got a free glass brick to work on!

Grattage over calendar photo. I hate to admit it, but an ex-student (a long time ago) prised this from the pavement to give it to me as a gift! 'No Dogs in the Play Area' followed. That may end up as a large piece about Acteon.

#thegreatbigartexhibition recently had Humour as its fortnightly theme. I think art and humour are utterly antithetical, but this might raise a wry smile in some with puerile minds. It'd make a good T-shirt design - for my first solo show at Tate Modern?

I think sandpaper s one of my favourite 'improvised' art implements. It is great to distress surfaces and take varnish off kaolinised paper to let it glue for collage.There are always scraps of it in my toolkit.

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