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Nap now?

I so need it. Not a good start to the week, I can tell you!

Thicket, oil pastel and ink on A4 pastel paper. James Blunt on Prime. Might have to switch to The Smiths. I find that is I listen to depressing music when I am depressed it lightens my mood. Perverse, I know.

Walked up to school to have a form printed, as my printer appears to be buffered, and I am sufficiently unskilled to be able to open the cartridge carriage to see if I can wiggle it! Not sure if this Acteon or Eustace, or some other, some amalgam.

The ammonite from Wish has arrived, but I was out, so will have to walk back to the post office. Life is one long interminable faff. At least I have Easter eggs to raid, though I promised to hold off until it was actually Easter!

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