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Much better day than yesterday!

4 lessons at school including Spanish... always a delight.

I think this one's on a soap package. Waste not, want not. 15 years ago now. May relate to Jester images and back further ro Bosch and Breughel.

I have deliberately determined to finish a pile of sources: half-finished pieces; backgrounds, pizza packaging already coloured waiting an imposed image. Many will be the right size to fit into a 'sketchbook.' It needs the inverted commas as I very rarely work directly onto the paper, and if I do, there is always modification and additions in other materials.

I have booked a ticket for the Michael Ayrton at the Fry in Saffron Walden, and will go to the Fitzwilliam some time soon, maybe next week, depending on other commitments.

The kids were chatty today. i suppose I encourage it, but occasionally you have to draw a line in the sand. I just can't imagine anything like that back in the day, though the VIth Form was in some ways a time of intense 'cross-party' friendships, usually with young masters. I am still in contact with one of them. I understand, though, the feeling expressed by the grown-up children of people I know in the village who want to call me 'Sir' even over Christmas lunch. We seem to still emit the aura of sham authority.

Now I am thinking about next year's CAYAC. Exciting that it'll return, although it may be reduced even further if we are not careful. We will see.

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