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The first time I have ever heard that word on BBC Breakfast!

Coatlicue. Acrylic and enamel on canvas. I will never know if I have made any '11 out of 10' pictures, but I know when I make a 10. Excuse the immodesty; not in the mood to pussyfoot around after a protracted argument over the place of digital art in the exhibitions of The Cambridge Drawing Society. Everyone has an opinion and every opinion is right... so wat's the poit of discussion and debate?

The title refers to an Aztec goddess - she of the skirt of snake-plaited skirt. Associated with death and therefore the ribbon at the bottom refers to Xibalba, the ancients' Hell. and the upper sign may therefore be a cenote. I would love to go back to Mexico and this time take in the Yucatan. The dots are squeezed directly from the tube. This was my entry to the first ArtGemini Prize. I wonder if I'll try again this year? Far more famous, and therefore far more entrants...

It may be that this style of painting does not mesh with the gayer figures, which are nearly all on a much smaller scale, but several famous artists have two major strands, Richter and Picasso to name but two. I don't think I was working on an entrepreneurial impulse thinking larger abstracts might be easier to place, but then they often have very dark themes despite outward brightness?

The current workpiece is an abstraction: The Fates, based on a triptych I did 40 years ago. So memory is part of the fabric; here my year abroad is carried over. As I get closer to the end than to the beginning, the renewed theme is perhaps appropriate?

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