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Make myself do it!

No interaction here, so the question: how long before I delete a post? doesn't apply.

The Rape of Europa. Old photos plus enamel spots. When I wake to more bad pandemic news, the state of the continent echoes metaphorically with this. I can see this series blown-up large in an installation, though I basically hate installation 'art.'

I didn't feel like posting anything today, but nothing ventured nothing gained, I suppose. And I have put some very camp 1970s hits on Amazon Music. May perk me up a tad. When I see the year a record came out I cannot believe how the time has slipped away!

Perhaps I just haven't worked as hard at this as I thought I had. I look at Anselm Kiefer's output and weep, but he has wealth and a team of assistants. I don't need all that, just enough security to devote all my time to art-production, even if it is all quite useless?

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