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Everything feels pretty damn pointless this morning, but it may just be the horrible grey sky.

Wanted 1000 followers on all my outlets by Christmas. No hope of that happening. All seems pretty pointless. Today is one when people remember a terrible event in the USA. But I have to ask myself if we have moved any closer to anything even resembling peace? With the current events in Afghanistan I cannot help but wonder.

One of the things is that technology has become a prison rather than a liberating force. Lies are promoted as truth. Misinformation is the true scourge, but nothing is being done to curb it. I had a Yr9 History cover this week. They were doing a spider diagram with the word FREEDOM at its centre. Maybe the 18 months of disruption affected them, but my word, they seemed to have so little grasp on the concept that I might as well have got them to put CHOCOLATE in the middle, fearing that they'd know more about that?

Going to Signorelli's for lunch. Best pizza in town. There, I have fallen into the trap of being more concerned with my own wellbeing than that of others. Oddly, art is supposed to enhance the experience of life, but I am certain mine fails, despite all efforts on my part.

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