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Lost masterpieces.

In that wake-up time early in the morning I thought about vanished early work.

So, in my late teens and early twenties I made some very intricate pictures and gave many of them away. I wonder whether the recipients still treasure them, or if they might have been damaged or thrown out completely. 'One is One,' 'Pentamorphia,' 'Death Hangs on the Onion Tree,' 'The Voice of Buddha.' and several others. I still give some to friends, but I am much more wary about the process.

And now I am contemplating entering Art Luxembourg. It is all online this year, which it makes it much easier. Maybe 'Ganymede,' dedicated to the memory of a 12 year old boy who committed suicide; the obliteration sequence, in memoriam an Iranian killed in an honour killing; and 'Prometheus,' the first of the memorial pieces. I can't remember what I submitted last time, so will have to have a think.

I assume the judging committee has changed, so perhaps there is no great worry. But I better check out the website. Also have to pack the work to be couriered to Locust Valley. Have done three 'sketches' already this morning. About to start anither.

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