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Lockdown for most...

But on the news every day, some feel it applies not to them.

Restoration. A4 print of original A6, with added acrylic. I love it when you read some debunking text. Thus, the Narcissus flower is not likely to have inspired the myth; rather the iris. In ancient times there were no words to distinguish blue and yellow, both designated as 'bright.' Seems so odd now. It is also likely that 666 is a mis-transcription of 616, which referred to Caligula in Cabbalistic numerology!

These little earthquakes make interpretation of old art fraught with the misguided notion. And artists, now interviewed at every opportunity, are to be trusted only a little more than a government spokesperson. This is partly why Bacon and Picasso are so laconic. I am perfectly able to spin a skein of meanings around everything, but there are days when I feel very disinclined to do so.

I filled a sketchbook when I was at Stanground for my PGCE. I needed something to relieve the ridiculous workload. It has been reduced more recently, perhaps to encourage recruitment, which is languishing somewhat today.

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