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Negotiating with another young man. I need the needle in the arm that this activity offers.

The black dog is not just snarling, but is biting. I need money from somewhere to pay the goddamn rent, so trying to get a new model and having to pay him is pie in the sky when you die. I should have drawn BM when he was around, but I was not really into it back then. One of life's little ironies.

I hope I an persuade my sister to take from my inheritance. If not, there will be a crisis. I am pretty close to getting the GP to prescribe. I hate being on happy pills, even the new generation are so much more gentle than the dreaded Seroxat. School seems to be predicting very little work. I am off to Ely this morning. Need to shop for food, but will be tempted to have coffee and cake and to buy a couple of bottles of ink.

The idea of the class at Eddington has been shelved; Covid makes it all too precarious and I cannot run it at a loss. But hoping for a picture sale, is like praying for rain in the Great Erg. At least I have enough reading material to last until Christmas. I love to visit the charity shops, but do not NEED any more novels or art history. I should buy a new bookcase, but have almost no space to put it!

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