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Less than 100 days to go

This blog is useless; this site is useless; no sales, no interest. I will stop at the end of the year.

Saatchi predicted a surge in interest after my second inclusion in a collection. I am still waiting. I am in for the Luxembourg Art Prize, but feel it is another lottery. And now I am on sertraline to round off the sharp edges. I periodically go on happy pills, but had managed to stay off them for a fair few months. I know what the main cause is, but probate and property sale is not really my current remit. It is just ridiculous that the thing has taken to very long.

Not very warm this morning, and fairly grey outside. If these sort of days persist that is a real downer. I spent £60 on spray paint yesterday in Ely. Finding the inclination and time to work is hard. And since it has to be done outside, I need still air. The propellants stink and give lovely headaches. The smell lingers horribly in the house, so the back garden is the place. I have a load of cardboard from school. Love the way the corrugations add to the accidental smudge in the paint. I use enamel and acrylic. They don't like to mix, so the flows and blobs are fixed quickly. That being said, you have to spray and tip very rapidly.

Only one lesson booked for tomorrow, though that may change. The tablets slow me down a little, but not in the same way as Seroxat did. It was a horrible drug, but I used to suddenly decide to go cold turkey; not the recommended method. But the dreams during the come-down were bonkers.

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