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Last one for a while

No sign of this working, so I just can't be bothered any more!

Lion. A present from Japan rather than China. There were 2 of them, made of jade, with lacquered stands and a box to carry them in.

I am thinking of doing some more ballpoint drawings if I can buy a sketchbook tomorrow in Ely. I am stopping interacting with this website as it feels like another piece of goddamn uselessness. I did not expect instant success, but it's been weeks now. Lockdown feels like imprisonment. I languish in this room and see nobody much.

School in theory starts again shortly, but I have no guarantees of work, and even when there is some teens can bother me without doing anything particularly outrageous, just not meshing with my inner Zen monk. I am getting too old for all of this; for everything. I am working on a multi-panelled piece that may end up being submitted to the ArtGemini Prize, but just don't feel like I can be bothered.

I am not sorry about this negativity. My mother, just before she passed, said to me that it was a shame I had not had a family of my own. It is the twenty-first century so there are far fewer impediments, but I would never want to bring a child into this awful world. And it seems to get much worse by the day. Electric cars, great, but then they want to do deep sea mining to supply materials for batteries. House prices continue to rocket making money for many, but we have more people using food banks than ever before. I could go on and on, but this is not the place.

Good bye all for the moment. May start again if Saatchi sells one!

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