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Last day of half term!

And certainly 7 good days in a row. Can't remember the last time that happened.

Was thinking about writing an article to be called 'Kitsch and The Gay Man.' But Word is playing up on this damn PC, and do I really have the time? Probably not. The idea of camp is close to the tenets of kitsch, but I'm sure I'd be pilloried for exaggerated over-simplification and failure to understand diversity. One can never really do that anyway, as there will always be out-groups and in-groups (to coin an outdated notion). And things are forever in flux despite what the conservatives (small c) might expect.

I am playing Ralph Vaughan Williams as I type. It was Maroon 5, but just needed something more soothing. I remember at Kim being n the Record Club committee. I wonder if that still exists? Almost certainly not in the age of streaming and sharing. I also won The Kimboltonian Illustrator's Prize after the art teacher awarded the Art prize to a 4th Former. Questions were asked in the staffroom, I was later informed, but it was decided that you couldn't really take a prize off a boy once it was awarded. It made me feel like Paul Cezanne: when he was at school Emile Zola got the drawing prize!

Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis; reminds me of this place some how. It turned into an idyll in the VIth, though far from it before that. I guess we had moved so often before I went there that seven years of adolescence represented the only real stability I had ever experienced. My father now regrets sending me there, but he has completely foolish reasons for that. Bizarre how things turn out.

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