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Language learning

Duolingo for Italian. Weird that Set 10 Stories were so much more difficult than Set 9. Why?

It's good to be reminded of the difficulties of any sort of learning. The Spanish helps, but getting my head round the grammar is a real struggle. I am doing it to keep busy, but also with the stupid wish to retire to Sardinia, depending on probate and getting the fame I need before I die. I am not wholly my breath.

Ely yesterday was great. I bought a pile of frames from a charity shop, which means I have to get on with producing work to go in them. Coffee and cake and a browse around the market, followed by the shock of many, many gaps in the shelves in Waitrose. Blame the government and Brexit and the pandemic and lack of lorry-drivers.

And trying so hard to not watch or listen to the jingoistic bombast from across the pond. In the meantime TG still haven't been in contact to set a date for rewiring of the house. Clearly the 28 day window does not apply to property management companies.

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