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Lamb Dansak

Went to The Curry Palace last night with colleagues. Stonkingly good.

Then porridge for breakfast. A bit of a let-down. No Alpro for crunchy nuts; didn't fancy yogurt and fruit. The latter could well be a bit wizened anyway. Two lessons at the moment, but could well change. Having said I wanted more, it's a bit in overdrive.

Breakfast on about the reshuffle. In another organisation you'd never just shake the management structure up - Vaccines to Education? Seems like a good fit! The sky augurs full autumn. Need new shirts too, so maybe take a trip to the shops tomorrow. Foresight might have been a good thing.

Might also get to Emmaus for coffee and cake later today. End of the week catch-up with a friend. I have half the dansak in the fridge for tea tonight, so no worries on that front. Just feeling rather run down and not particularly interested in anything. Sigh!

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