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Just needs the traffic..

I friend checked out the website, said it was good, but I have to get more visitors, more exposure.

Sertraline slows me down a little, but not a lot. Trying to get a batch of these 'melting' ones done and uploaded. Can work out is the weather allows. The propellants are not good for inside the house, and don't want to bother my housemate unduly. There a couple of larger ones that need to have more careful operation. The speed necessary makes things more difficult.

Managed to get school to add me to their flu jab list. Didn't know they were doing it, but am glad as NHS direct were saying that bookings were suspended until further notice due to demand (!). I guess that is to keep teachers in the classroom?

better post this as the damn hosts are popping up 'Couldn't post this' notices!

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