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It's all random

What social media sites permit and what they take down are utterly arbitrary.

Just heard a scientist on the News say, 'We really should take action,' talking about global warming. Yes, indeed. That is a bit like the swimmer being approached by a great white thinking, 'Maybe I should start moving my arms and legs rather vigorously'!

The apocalyptic clip of the tourists and locals on the beach as the hills burn just about sums it up. We should plant more trees, we should be very careful with our water use. We should stop transporting food from one side of the world to the other, by ship or by plane. And on top of that i had a 'friend' on Fascistbook asking me if I believe in God? Keep your opinions to yourself is no good as a vade mecum i the modern world, because the most important messages are about the possible extinction of the species... A bit sad that my initials are the same as Snowflake. I didn't mind when it was San Francisco, but to be grouped with the faffy slimeballs is a bit much.

I woke up at 5.09 but made myself stay in bed until sixish. And now the regurgitation is on the Beeb about the two weeks of sport we have had to endure. Some like to endure, but not me. Learning Italian is distraction and two trips out this week booked.

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