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It'll be sticky today...

Such a change from the horrible greyness of the past weeks.

The Cottenham Nude. I posted this on a LGBT page on fuzzy Facebook asking for responses. The very first one was literally a 'Nay.' So I have to wonder what 'Gay Art' is? Much that is purveyed as such is neither gay, nor art. Grump over for the day (I hope).

Off to the Fitzwilliam to see the 'Human Touch' exhibition. So in need of an art injection, though the booking procedures for the museum, lunch at Browns and a Lui's barbers... a necessary strain, I suppose, but my word what a rigmarole. Similar tangle and confusion at school, so I should just shut up about it?

I have had a message from my sister about by stepmother's undiagnosed dementia. She sets booby-traps for the imaginary burglars who break in and move things around. They don't steal much, just add to her rampant paranoia. It's a bit Home Alone, and sad in one way, but I have to smile at the idea of my father catching a bucketful of water on his head when entering the dining-room unexpectedly.

It is also predicted to be the hottest day of the year so far. Should go swimming, but imagine booking a slot might be rather complex, and it might be full of my kids asking, 'What are you doing, Sir?' Answers on a postcard, please!

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