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It feels like the task of Sisyphus

It's the 80th day of the year and I have only done 66 posts.

At the moment this assemblage of canvas stretchers is to be called Shibboleth, but that may alter during the process; odd thing to report, but nonetheless that's what sometimes happens. When people see something I didn't 'put in' there, i am most pleased.

The purple, black and white clearly refer back to my school colours. There might be over-painting as I progress. I expect to use fibre paste to add stand-out glyphs. And I may have to order some more Liquitex - great paint you can squeeze into lines and shapes.

I am torn between the need to go back to work to earn and the necessity of getting more art produced. There should be no conflict, but we live in a world where economics rules over aesthetics. I watched a video from Sotheby's this morning and almost wanted to vomit at the estimated prices. You need to be dead to become rich as a true artist...

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