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Is TikTok the way forward?

This site has proved unhelpful in any measurable way, so maybe...

Had far more response to the above - 200 hits on the first day. I have been making very short videos and uploading them, but might well get tired of it if the likes slow down. That may seem shallow, but I so need to get the work out there.

I sold a great pic through Saatchi. The way they tell it I made a lot, but as soon as you see what the collector has to pay (adding transport and insurance on top of the cost of the painting), but I got about $400 out of the $860 paid by the Montana buyer. I know the facilitator needs to be recompensed, but that much? Seems unreasonable.

In the meantime Wix takes £135 without asking and SCDC puts an attachment to earnings to recoup supposedly overpaid Housing Benefit. The world is messed up. But I will have the delight of using the foodbank again. Sigh!

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