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Is education a useless aspiration?

I want to say an unqualified yes, but step back from that; otherwise it looks far too bleak.

It amazes me that some students have no inclination to learn, a deliberate antagonism rather than just a vague apathy. I went to an exam-factory so perhaps should be aware of the difference in time and space and aspiration, but I just had a message from a friend in Lincolnshire saying she too has had enough of teaching.

Both my parents were teachers. I swore I would NEVER follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately that fell by the wayside. At the beginning of this 'proper' career, I loved being in the classroom, feeling I was making a difference, but now there appears to be no difference, no progress, no impulse to add to young people's lives. Very sad, but true.

Been reading 'Left You Dead' by Peter James. A chapter about the death of the protagonist's young son. It changes the context of everything, but I will not be faced with the dilemmas that follow on from such a tragedy. Difficulties in my own life rather fade into insignificance, and maybe put the behaviour of the kids I supposedly teach into perspective?

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