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If this PC goes any slower..

I'll be able to make lunch and eat it between start and readiness. Sigh!

A full moon signifies revelation. So we had a 2 hour power cut in the darkness. Well, that's a good start to the lunar cycle. Really tired now, because the electric went back on over an hour and a half after my normal sleep time.

Should endeavour not to make any mess in the house until the landlord and property agent decide when the electric investigation and subsequent rewiring takes place. Told I should have a max of 1.1 in my sockets, but have 6.6. Whatever that means. Could be very disruptive. Just one more delight to make the world turn.

But then one looks at Hungary and sees the primitive on the rise again. But at least I managed an exciting afternoon in Luton. Yes, Luton! The news is now reporting the state of things in Brazil. I should try not to carp about the ways things play out here in Westminster? I have a swath of pcitures to work on. If I can confine them to the dining table, that might keep the house ready for the cable guys?

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