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If I do 4 more..

I will have reached 50 posts. Then I might rest a while. It's exhausting.

Wound. Another Prometheus-themed pic; only here the god is depicted very young. The idea is that the artist is 'damaged' early on. That is where the kunstwollen comes from (one of my favourite words, coined by Erwin Panofsky usually rendered in English as 'will to create').

I need to get some more life-drawing done, nit to directly facilitate all works, but to have the mind-map concretised. The distortions I allow are often a function of the smears and squiggles beneath.

Bought 9 canvases at HomeBargains this morning. Should keep me busy. Doing a version of 'The Fates' as promised earlier. Oredring online I sometimes forget what I have picked. So too much light violet. That had to be used for the background therefore.

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