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I take $10 million to stand in the lobby!

When MPS are at selection stage, they should be asked 'Are you corruptible?'

I guess it's easy enough to carp, not having ever been offered $1 million to do anything. I was once asked in a game, 'Would you appear nude in a national newspaper for a large amount of money?' The player said no. My best friend said, 'He'd do it for nothing!' Is that a form of corruption? Or just my exhibitionism?

Did almost no art yesterday; doing Italian on Duolingo and finishing the Jeffery Deaver. Out to lunch today, so may not do much either, but sleep was so much better than it has been. B told me that last week had tension in the stars. Still happening now, but less so. I had a dream last night that involved action with my secret beloved. Not sure if that is a good sign or a negative one?

Second sketchbook needs starting. It is A5 white cartridge, so I need to change medium and method again. A may bring my oil drum with her. That may send me into a new mode. Tried to break open a peach pit for my housemate last night. Did not really have the strength. Hope she manages to get the boy at work to crack it today. Means her week has taken a turn for the better too.

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