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I need to watch the News...

But the nonsense spoken by Westminster members makes me want to ...

The worst think is feeling utterly helpless here in a Western democracy. It seems now to not matter who is inducted into that hall of infamy. If you're not prepared to answer questions, don't appear on camera. Though the alternative appears to be the slime that issues from a certain disgruntled fool who drove to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight was OK for a longer illegal trip.

Getting more followers on Instagram daily, but it feels like it is because of the content, and not because of the art. I suppose that is to be expected? When I read the curatorial commentary on sites and feeds, and when I see the threads responding to work, I despair that ignorance truly is bliss. 'Listen to my opinion. I have no expertise in this area, but will voice the most profound of insights. Believe me.' The opposite scheme smacks of elitism, so it is indeed a no-win situation.

And I guess I have to binge-tidy the house so some engineer can inspect my cables for the property management company. Will, nonetheless, do some more spraying and possibly start the collages on the 30 new single covers.

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