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I'm going to start to use already uploaded images.

None sell, so no more adding to this back catalogue from now on.

So today, it's YouGiv that has wound me up, though BBC came a near second. I receive surveys. This one was about casual dining. Perhaps they did not notice that we are still not out of Lockdown? They also want to know if I watched more than 5 minutes of TV. I refuse to admit that now as it's the same set of questions over and over and over again, as if my habits suddenly and irrevocably changed overnight? Just about sums it up...

Hopefully a tradesperson will call to fix my housemate's bedroom door-handle? That took a herculean effort to arrange: the property management company had to be messaged via a Fixflo webpage. The landlord had to be contacted. He had to OK it and then the worker contacted. This latter is supposed to contact me to arrange a visit in the next 24 hours (which is now a fraction of that). I won't cross my fingers, as it makes typing difficult.

The efficiency promised by the technological revolution was the biggest lie ever promulgated. Everything has become a morass of non-communication. They talk about snail-mail, but the shuttling back and forth, the skim-reading and almost deliberate lack of comprehension, and the necessity of precise, concise clarification make us all slaves to the keyboard, and frustration is the order of the day, every day.

Grumble over, non-reader!

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