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I have succumbed

Subscribed to the golem that is Netflix. Amazon stink of greed in that prime still charges more if you want particular films or series on top of the monthly fee!

Khepera. Acrylic on an old bag. This is the Egyptian panurge, sitting on his rock within the void. He created the pantheon by ingesting his emission. Just about sums it up, really!

I should make another TikTok bout abstraction or about the pile of 'backgrounds' lying on the floor behind me ready to have images added on top. I also have to photograph each room so the property management company can do a virtual inspection. There is a metaphor in there somewhere for the Kafkesque in the Twentieth Century.

There are also 4 or 5 new works to scn and add to the lovely Facebook. People on the Van Gogh Inspires page liked a piece called Chinese sky, so I am doing a better version on a small canvas. That will be today's main task. In Ely tomorrow I shall pop into the charity shops to get some second hand frames in case I go forward with the CDS entry. Not feeling it this morning, though i had a pretty good night's sleep. A very unusual comment there!

I would so love to pop across the channel for a city break, but that prospect seems unlikely at best. Oh well, something else to gripe about?

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