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I hate my life

How many must have said that recently? It's the chaos and the inadequacy of everything.

I get so tired, though that may be just the meds and the general continuing lack of sleep. But when I watch the News I feel oppressed by the species failure to do anything (unless it involves swaths of money for the few). Detroit managed to completely retool in 6 months during WWII, converting the car assembly lines into military uses. But can they manage something similar to stop the planet burning? No they cannot.

The story of Cottenham High St seems to be paradigmatic. It was panned, then it was postponed; then it was back on with three weeks as projected duration, but judging by the beginning it will be pedestrian (see what I did there?). Meantime my hours have dwindles as they must. Feast or famine. And at the same time horrid debt-collecting agencies are snarling. May they all be consumed by the coming apocalypse?

May apply for a residency in the South of Spain. We will have to see.

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