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I hate Instagram

Not really, but they have done me wrong and don't know how to solve it!

Haven't posted on here for quite a long time. It is totally pointless. My IT is not up to it, and this heading shows just how bad it is. They execrable company have their methods and algorithms, and though they claim they wish to improve their service, they do not. As long as the money comes in they give not a fig about how they platform operates.

So, the bastards suspended my account because they had 'noticed unusual activity.' To my knowledge there was none. But the issue could be resolved with a verification code. They sent it to my mobile. I do not use it, though I have one. I do not like it. It has no storage and I cannot undo enough apps to allow it to update and then be able to see their lovely post.

Both my Dad and stepmother were told they should not have bought their pair of smartphones if they did not know how to operate them. They had gone to the shop to ask for help. So, part of the problem was the rude oik of a clerk. The other did indeed lay with them, but much of the meta-arse is its ageism, its inherent racism (hate speech being in languages it cannot monitor). In my case they could offer an email or even a phonecall to verify... but no!

This is so frustrating and seems to echo The Burke Special back in the day, where the presenter predicted a two-tier society: those that can access and operate computers, and those who don't. There is, I believe a middle layer: the ones that can use phones to chat and send idiotic pics, but cannot do anything more elaborate.

God grant me the serenity...

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