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I am not a betting man

But if 12-15 year olds are not vaccinated by the end of the year. I'll eat all my hats.

You say banana, I say caterpillar. Let's call the whole thing off! Hope y'all like my new version of the famous song? I feel, while we are still on lyrics and music, that the UK government should adopt a 'school song.' Could I suggest, 'Underground, over ground, wombling free.' Just about sums it up.

I am going to ask the GP if a cynicectomy is possible? Not sure it is available yet on the NHS, but fingers crossed. Managed to sleep through till almost 8.00 this morning. Without a sleeping tablet. Stress levels are approaching hurricane strength. I might be unable to pay the rent, and the prospects of getting a sub from my supposed inheritance is one of those illusive dreams never likely to be fulfilled.

I have been doing a spate of drawings with ink on wet paper, letting it bleed. Need to scan them and post. Did some large ones back in the '80s on Garcia Lorca themes. So it's a bit of a return. Theses are much smaller and don't have images imposed on top to echo specific poems. But, as I argued with my tutor John Golding, art without meaning is mere decoration.

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