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Hot, sticky and itchy eyes...

But not complaining. Honest. Well, maybe just a little. Mowed garden, so own fault perhaps?

Am preparing for CDS. Was reusing charity shop frames the best plan? Probably not as I do not have a tape-gun and am not sure where the drill is. I have some fixings, but almost wish I lived near my father: qualified cabinet make; could have done with his skills right now.

Work has also dwindled almost to nothing, even though they implied there'd be more after half-term. Levelling up, please! Just been talking to the neighbour about Education and the gap between private and State schools. Depressing, even though the sky is lapis blue.

At least I have managed to weed the bits between the paving too. The PC told me I need to renew my Word subscription. I do not and don't have one. All part of the gremlin conspiracy. The two panels for the triptych have dried in the garage, so may do the third one today and let it dry too. I have decided to sketch a linear reclining male nude across all three, then obliterate them like a eugenicist making a stupid selection - it is about all anathemata, though promoted by the homophobic excesses that occur weekly across the globe.

Tom, next door's cat, hissed at me this morning. Sums it all up!

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