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Hope it'll be better today

Awake more or less as early as yesterday, but got up more lazily.

Hate the long weekend; this semi-internal self-isolation due to fears of a housemate make three days a bind far greater than just the two. Will work a little on Bacchus anyway.

Had a long talk with someone yesterday about 2022's CAYAC. Lockdown has put the dampers on everything. We need to get this up and running, to help art education, students, parents and schools.

Perhaps I should get some circular canvases to have a crack at that format? I see this craze for resins that make decorative marbling, but am not sure the result ever reaches beyond the mere pretty, the level of hotel art if a little too bright for that. But might have to try it at some point.

Sorted out some of my picture folders on the PC. There are so many. They are repeated in Photos, but not sure which I dare delete? But I could more or less stop producing now: there are too many of them. Maybe I will make a sale this month? That'd be nice.

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