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Happy Birthday to me!

I am 64 today. Where does the time go, as the song puts it?

Grey start, but cake on its way and lunch tomorrow with sister and friends, though organising anything seems so much more difficult in the age of instant contact. people faff and dither; but I have done that for the past 40 years. The plan is to get help to promote my work. My cousin in Detroit sent a story about an artist without a gallery posting on YouTube and Twitter and getting noticed. You have to speculate to accumulate, so will bite the bullet and do that horrid think by agreeing for Gereedbook to post on 'up to 10,00 people.' I don't believe it, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have begun to work mostly on canvas stretchers. They occupy so much more space; already stacking them against the bedroom wall. Even the corrugated card that Debs rescued from the recycling is thicker than cartridge. Love the way this material interacts with spray paint - the pigment runs into the slight troughs so that the image gains subtle stripes.

Had a card from my father apologising for not being a great Dad. He is 92, so I understand his looking back and doing the 'what if' dance in his head. But really it is just water under the bridge. Cannot be changed. Just wish he didn't think my school turned me gay. What a ridiculous thought, but it has become an idee fixe. It just makes things rather awkward; the elephant in the room. It's the 21st century, but not in his mind. Let's hope it all blows over. I have far more troubling things to worry about.

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