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Good night's sleep!

I can't tell you just how unusual that is. Got through uninterrupted until 6.20.

This is 'Too Big.' It is acrylic on card, about A5 and I sold it on Saatchi. I'm always surprised what succeeds on that site. I put some on to be deliberately provocative. They went like hot cakes!

I have 1200 on there, and think I'll add no more. I have sold 28 including giclee prints. Total value £1680.65. My gallery in Saffron Walden only sold 2, but that made nearly £2000, so I mustn't complain. Though that is a sport I excel at!

This is a picture of a boy trying on a theatrical mask that is way too large for him. A depiction of the arrival of adolescence or adulthood.

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