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Goddamned technology!

Including this platform. 'Do what I tell you, damn it!' Let's try again...

It worked this time. No work, no framer available, friends impossible to pin down to dates; all-in-all it's just a complete Faff. Got a fair bit done to start with and then it all became a bit of a mess. I paid 2 instalments of damn Council Tax, but the road outside is now in need again.

Some businesses are clearly prospering. Told 10-12 weeks to get a frame done. But at the same time find that there is only a 12.5% take-up of a summer school offer for 11 year olds to catch-up on their learning. And it's free. I am glad I am not a parent; I'd be tyrannical.

Global warming warning: the government told it is not ready for increases in extreme weather conditions. The appointed in Westminster just swan off to their private islands in their private planes (even if I exaggerate slightly). It's 30 degrees and it's mid-June I remember the drought of '76 and that seemed far less terrible. But that may be a trick of memory - the grass is always brighter on the other side. Same as it ever was...

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